Troop 1396

Lake Ridge, Virginia

Troop Bulletin Board

Introducing the NEW Troop 1396 Bulletin Board...

It is a troop website place to post:

  • Non critical scout messages.

  • References to scouting related articles.

  • Information or reviews about scouting gear.

  • Information about gear purchases or sales.

General Guidelines:

  • Never post live messages from other people to the Bulletin Board.

  • Do not post full names and addresses or e-mails of individuals posting to the bulletin board.

  • Content should be scout appropriate. All messages will be screened before being posted to the bulletin board.

Posting Instructions:

  • The Subject line of the email will be the post title.

  • The body of the email will be the post body

  • Images up to 10MB can be attached to the email and will be viewable on the post

  • Documents such as Word, Excel or any other type will not be posted. The bulletin board engine does not support this.

  • It is best to just type the email post in your favorite email client. Copy and pasting from MS Word or a webpage or other email introduces a lot of hidden, special characters that will at times cause formatting issues. My bulletin board App attempts to strip out most of the formatting information so that the bulletin board posts have a consistent look and feel.

  • Bulletin board posts are time stamped at the time a user sends them. So the latest bulletin board post will always be seen first. A date in the bulletin board post title does not constitute a timestamp.

  • There is a bulletin board post search feature however it is not very robust. For instance, you can't do a partial word search. So if you want to search for bulletin board posts containing the word "scoutmaster" and only type in the search term "scout", this will not return a positive result. This is a Google search limitation.

For access to post to the Bulletin Board, please contact Mr. Tom Bortner