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BSA Troop 1396 at Pipsico Summer Camp

Summer camp at Pipsico was fun and enjoyable and they had good food good staff and a good merit badge program and good platform tents and cots. The last day of the first aid merit badge was fun because we faked injuries to get one of the requirements. And the nuclear science merit badge was suppose to go to a nuclear power plant. - Contributed by Nicholas Sharp, Troop 1396 Historian

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BSA Troop 1396 Honors Fallen Heroes at Quantico National Cemetery on Memorial Day

BSA Troop 1396, showcased their patriotism and paid homage to fallen heroes on Memorial Day. The troop participated in the annual Flag Raising event at Quantico National Cemetery on Saturday, May 27, 2023

With hearts full of respect and gratitude, the scouts set out to install American flags along the solemn roads of the cemetery, transforming the landscape into a striking symbol of remembrance. Equipped with determination and reverence, the scouts meticulously placed the flags, ensuring that each one stood tall and proud.

Under the bright morning sun, the sea of stars and stripes fluttered in the gentle breeze, creating a breathtaking sight that left onlookers in awe. Passersby, whether family members visiting loved ones or visitors paying their respects, were moved by the powerful display of patriotism and unity exhibited by the young scouts.

Troop 1396's participation in the annual Memorial Day Flag Raising at Quantico National Cemetery served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by countless brave men and women who selflessly served their country. Through their actions, the scouts demonstrated their commitment to upholding the values of the Boy Scouts of America while honoring the memory of those who gave their lives for freedom.

BSA Troop 1396's participation in the annual Flag Raising for Memorial Day at Quantico National Cemetery not only showcased the scouts' dedication to their community but also served as a reminder to all that the spirit of patriotism and remembrance should be upheld and cherished. Their efforts left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who witnessed their respectful tribute to the nation's fallen heroes.

As the flags waved majestically in the wind, Troop 1396's tribute at Quantico National Cemetery will be remembered as a poignant and heartfelt gesture, ensuring that the spirit of honor and gratitude remains alive in the hearts of future generations.

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Sam Sigrest Eagle Project - April 2023

Sam Sigrest of Troop 1396 in Lake Ridge, VA has successfully completed his Eagle Project, demonstrating his leadership skills, commitment to community service, and dedication to the principles of scouting. Sam's project involved designing and building a walkway that connects Purcell Road to the Sacred Heart Cemetery, providing visitors with safe and easy access to the site.

The walkway constructed by Sam and his team of volunteers is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, blending in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The project required careful planning and execution, with Sam overseeing every aspect of the construction process, from planning the project, to sourcing materials and managing the workforce.

Sam's project has brought significant benefits to the community, making it easier and safer for visitors to pay their respects to their loved ones at the Sacred Heart Cemetery. The walkway is also a lasting testament to Sam's leadership, organizational skills, and commitment to making a positive impact on his community. His dedication and hard work have set an example for others to follow, and he has demonstrated the true spirit of scouting by helping to improve the lives of others.

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Troop 1396 Dutch Oven Cookoff - 2023

The Dutch oven cookoff competition this year was a true showcase of culinary talent, featuring some of the most delectable dishes we've ever tasted. Our judges were left salivating for more, and it was no surprise that the following entries were crowned the top submissions:

For entrees, Big Man Patrol's Ethiopian Beef Tibs dish was a standout, boasting a bold and aromatic blend of spices. Nuclear Llamas' Homemade Bratwurst n’ Kraut was a hit, perfectly capturing the comforting flavors of home-style cooking. And Dragon Slayers' Orange Chicken dish was a crowd-pleaser, expertly balancing sweet and savory flavors.

As for desserts, the competition was just as fierce. Darth Pandas' Oreos Lava Cake was an indulgent masterpiece, oozing with chocolatey goodness. Dragon Slayers' Chocolate and Cherry Dump Cake was equally impressive, with a rich and decadent flavor profile. And Nuclear Llamas' Berries and Dumplings dessert showcased a perfect harmony of sweet and tangy notes.

Congratulations to all the patrols who participated and impressed us with their incredible culinary skills. We are already eagerly anticipating next year's Dutch oven cook-off competition, where we hope to see even more delicious and creative dishes!

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eJamboree - January 2023

Troop 1396 hosted their annual eJamboree event to introduce Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts to Troop 1396. The event featured the use of electronic media and video games to simulate merit badges that Scouts can earn in Scouts BSA. The Webelos and AOL Scouts competed at stations to complete tasks related to a particular merit badge and earned points at each station. They also answered questions related to each merit badge. The top three Scouts with the most points earned a prize. 

The event was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manassas, VA, and parents were encouraged to stay and talk to adult Scouters to learn more about Troop 1396. The event was a great way to introduce Webelos and AOL Scouts to the Troop and have fun at the same time. The Scouts wore their Class A Scout Uniform and their Webelos neckerchief to get a door prize.

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Strasburg Train Musuem Campout - November 2022

Troop 1396 embarked on a unique camping adventure in November 2022, exploring the Strasburg Train Museum. The scouts camped at Broad Creek Scout Reservation in Maryland and made their way to the museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, where they rode a historic steam engine through the scenic Pennsylvania countryside. The trip also included a visit to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, where scouts learned about the history and evolution of rail transportation. On the way to the museum, the troop had the opportunity to explore Amish country and experience a different way of life. It was a great opportunity for the scouts to learn about history and culture while enjoying the outdoors and strengthening their bonds with fellow troop members.

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Prince William District Camporee at Camp Rock Enon - October 2022

Troop 1396 and volunteers from the Prince William District recently hosted a successful district Camporee at Camp Rock Enon in Gore, VA. The theme for this year's event was "Projectiles and Rockpiles," which combined shooting sports with climbing and other Scout skill activities. The camporee featured seven different events, including marksmanship at the rifle range, tomahawk throwing for accuracy, archery shooting, a slingshot target course, cooking skills, fire building, and climbing at the climbing wall. Each patrol had the opportunity to test their skills in each event, with Troop 1396 and the PWD volunteers providing guidance and support. The event was a great opportunity for Scouts to showcase their skills and learn from each other, and everyone had a great time while doing it. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's Camporee!

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Survival Island - September 2022

Troop 1396 showcased their survival skills during the annual Survival Island campout at Elm Island on the Potomac River near Darnestown, MD. Scouts demonstrated their wilderness expertise by building lean-to shelters, sourcing water through various purification methods, and mastering fire-building and cooking techniques. On Friday night, the troop canoed down the C&O canal before portaging over to the Potomac River, navigating to Elm Island using only the stars and moonlight as their guide. The scouts enjoyed fresh Paw Paws and a delicious dinner of pan-fried trout and venison, cooked over an open campfire. This annual campout is one of the most challenging and exciting events for Troop 1396, and it remains a staple of their scouting experience. It's no surprise that this campout is a favorite among scouts and leaders alike.

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Shenandoah Caverns - Spelunking Campout – August 2022 

Troop 1396 kicked off their fall camping season with a thrilling spelunking campout at Camp Bowers and Shenandoah Caverns in August 2022. Scouts explored the deep, dark caverns with experienced guides and learned about the fascinating geology of the area.

 Along with the spelunking tour, the troop also visited the American Celebration on Parade museum, where they admired the intricate floats used in famous parades. To top it off, the scouts took a tour of the Route 11 potato chip factory and got a chance to see how their favorite snacks are made. The campout was a fun and educational experience for all who attended, and the scouts are looking forward to their next adventure.

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St Matthew's Playground Cleanup - Auguat 2022

Troop 1396 recently conducted their semi-annual clean-up of the St. Matthew's Lutheran Church playground in August 2022. This community service event involved the removal of branches and other hazards, followed by the spreading of fresh mulch to create a safer environment for children attending day school at the church.

The troop's efforts were not only a great way to Do a Good Turn Daily, but it also counted towards service hours for rank advancement. Scouts and scouters alike came together to give back to the community and show appreciation to St. Matthew's, the troop's chartering organization.

The clean-up event received praise from the church community, with many expressing their gratitude for the troop's hard work and dedication to the project. The playground was left in pristine condition, providing a safe and enjoyable space for children to play.

Troop 1396 remains committed to serving their community and making a positive impact through various service projects and events. Their dedication to giving back serves as an inspiration to others and demonstrates the values of the Boy Scouts of America.

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Ahmed Davez Eagle Scout Project - August 2022

Ahmed Davaz, a member of Troop 1396, held his Eagle Scout Project on August 20th, 2022, at the Izaak Walton League of America in Stafford, Virginia. The project involved the construction of a trail kiosk to provide information on maps, events, emergency contacts, and prohibited areas.

Ahmed and his team of scouts and scouters worked diligently to complete the project, combining their skills in woodworking, roof building, and shingling to construct the kiosk. The final result was a functional and attractive structure that will be a valuable resource for visitors to the area.

The project received high praise from members of the Izaak Walton League and the wider community, who commended Ahmed and his team for their hard work and dedication to the project. Ahmed expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance of his fellow scouts and scouters, as well as the Izaak Walton League, for providing the opportunity to complete his Eagle Scout Project.

With his project now complete, Ahmed is one step closer to earning the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. His commitment to serving his community and making a positive impact serves as an inspiration to his fellow scouts and the wider community.

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Ian Knudson's Eagle Project - August 2022

Ian Knudson, a member of Troop 1396, held his Eagle Scout Project on August 6th, 2022, at Old Bridge Elementary School. The project involved the creation of an outdoor classroom in front of the school, complete with a wing dedicated to the school's past principal.

Ian and his team of volunteers worked tirelessly to transform the space, and clearing the area. The project was completed with efficiency and precision, showcasing the scout's exceptional leadership skills and commitment to making a difference in his community.

The final result was a beautiful, functional outdoor classroom that the school and community can enjoy for years to come. The project received widespread praise and recognition, with many commending Ian and his team for their hard work and dedication to the project.

Ian expressed his gratitude to the community for their support and assistance in making the project a success, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. He also thanked his fellow scouts for their contributions and support throughout the project.

With his Eagle Scout Project now complete, Ian is one step closer to earning the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. His dedication and commitment to making a difference in his community serve as a shining example to his fellow scouts and the wider community.

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Summer Camp 2022, Goshen - Camp Marriott - July 2022

Troop 1396 headed to Camp Marriott at Goshen, VA in July of 2022 for their annual Summer Camp trip. Excitement was in the air as the scouts arrived at the campsite and settled into their tents, eager to begin the week-long adventure.

Unfortunately, the camp experience was cut short this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite strict safety measures and protocols in place, a number of cases were reported, and the decision was made to send the scouts home mid-week to prevent any further spread of the virus.

The abrupt end to Summer Camp was disappointing for all involved, particularly for the scouts who had been looking forward to completing a range of merit badges and learning new skills. Many scouts were left with incomplete or partial merit badges as a result of the early departure.

Despite the disappointment, the leaders of Troop 1396 praised the scouts for their positive attitudes and resilience in the face of adversity. They also commended the camp staff for their efforts in trying to make the camp as safe and enjoyable as possible given the circumstances.

The leaders of Troop 1396 expressed their hope that the pandemic would soon be brought under control, allowing the scouts to once again enjoy the full experience of Summer Camp in the years to come. In the meantime, they remained committed to supporting and guiding their scouts in their scouting journey, even in the face of these unprecedented challenges.

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Max Sigrest Eagle Scout Project - June 2022

Max Sigrest, a member of Troop 1396, held his Eagle Scout Project on June 18, 2022, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Chapel. The project involved refurbishing the rock garden, installing a new bench, cleaning up the statues and gravestones, and removing weeds from the area.

Max and his team of scouts and volunteers worked tirelessly to complete the project, which was aimed at improving the appearance and usability of the chapel's outdoor space. The refurbished rock garden and newly installed bench provided a beautiful and peaceful area for visitors to sit and reflect, while the cleaned statues and gravestones honored the memory of those who had passed on.

The project was a fitting tribute to Max's commitment to the scouting program and to the values of service and community that the organization embodies. Max's dedication and hard work were evident in the results of the project, which provided a tangible benefit to the community and the church.

Max's Eagle Scout Project was a testament to the values of the scouting program and to the power of service to bring communities together. The leaders of Troop 1396 looked forward to continuing to support and guide their scouts as they worked to make a positive impact on their communities.

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Troop Court of Honor - June 2022

Troop 1396 held their Court of Honor ceremony at Lake Ridge Middle School in June of 2022, celebrating the achievements of their scouts and their commitment to the scouting program.

The ceremony began with a presentation of colors, followed by the recitation of the Scout Oath and Law. The troop leaders then recognized the accomplishments of each scout, presenting awards and merit badges earned throughout the year.

The scouts were recognized for their hard work and dedication, and the troop leaders praised their commitment to the scouting program and to the values of the organization. Many scouts were recognized for achieving new ranks, while others were recognized for their contributions to the community through service projects and other initiatives.

At the end of the ceremony, scouts, scouters, family, and friends gathered together to enjoy some refreshments and to celebrate the achievements of the troop. The atmosphere was one of joy and camaraderie, as the scouts and their families reflected on the past year and looked forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

The Court of Honor ceremony was a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of Troop 1396, and a reminder of the importance of the scouting program in shaping the character and values of young people. The troop leaders looked forward to continuing to support and guide their scouts as they continued on their scouting journey.

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Memorial Day Flag Raising at Quantico National Cemetery - May 2022

Troop 1396 participated in the annual Memorial Day Flag Raising at Quantico National Cemetery in May of 2022, honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The troop arrived early in the morning to begin setting up, carefully placing American flags along the cemetery roads to honor the fallen. The scouts worked together as a team, carefully ensuring that each flag was properly placed and displayed with dignity and respect.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the troop paused to remember the sacrifices of those who had served their country with honor and distinction. The solemnity of the moment was palpable, as the scouts reflected on the importance of honoring those who had given their lives for their country.

As the final flags were raised, the scouts took a moment to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day and the sacrifices of those who had come before them. The troop leaders expressed their gratitude to the scouts for their hard work and dedication, and for their commitment to honoring those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Memorial Day Flag Raising at Quantico National Cemetery was a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by so many, and of the importance of honoring their memory. Troop 1396 looked forward to continuing to participate in this important annual event, honoring the sacrifices of those who had served their country with honor and distinction.

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Scout Skills at Camp Bowers - May 2022

Scouts from Troop 1396 gathered at Camp Bowers in Woodstock, VA in May of 2022 for a Scout Skills campout. The event was designed to help new scouts complete a number of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank requirements, including earning the Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit certifications.

The campout provided an opportunity for the scouts to learn and practice essential scouting skills, such as fire building, knife safety, and cooking over an open flame. The scouts also learned how to properly set up and maintain their tents, and how to navigate using a map and compass.

The instructors for the event were experienced scouts, who were dedicated to helping the new scouts develop their skills and confidence. The instructors also emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication, encouraging the younger scouts to work together and support each other throughout the weekend.

As the weekend progressed, the scouts became more and more proficient in their skills, building fires and cooking meals with ease. By the end of the campout, all of the scouts had earned their Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit certifications, and many had made significant progress towards their next rank.

The Scout Skills campout at Camp Bowers was a huge success, providing new scouts with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that will serve them well throughout their scouting careers. The Troop 1396 leaders looked forward to continuing to provide opportunities for their scouts to learn and grow, both in the outdoors and in their personal lives.

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Izaak Walton League Campout - April 2022

The Izaak Walton League Alexandria Chapter hosted a shooting sports training campout for scouts in Stafford, VA in April of 2022.

The event was a huge success, with scouts from Troop 1396 participating in the training sessions. The scouts received comprehensive training in shooting sports safety and basics, covering everything from proper gun handling to responsible firearm use.

The training sessions were led by experienced instructors from the Izaak Walton League Alexandria Chapter, who were dedicated to ensuring that the scouts received the highest level of instruction possible. The training focused on developing the scouts' skills and knowledge of shooting sports, while also emphasizing safety and responsibility.

The campout provided an opportunity for the scouts to connect with nature, learn new skills, and develop their leadership and teamwork abilities. The scouts participated in various outdoor activities, including hiking and camping, in addition to the shooting sports training.

As the campout came to a close, the scouts left with a newfound appreciation for shooting sports and a deeper understanding of the importance of safety and responsibility. The Izaak Walton League Alexandria Chapter looked forward to hosting more events in the future, providing opportunities for scouts to learn and grow in the outdoors.

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Gunpowder Falls Campout - March 2022

In March 2022, Troop 1396 eagerly arrived at Gunpowder Falls, Maryland on Friday evening, excited to embark on this camping trip. The scouts quickly set up their tents and gathered around for cracker barrel, relaxing and swapping stories.

As the night wore on, the scouts grew tired and eventually retreated to their tents for some much-needed rest. They knew that the real adventure awaited them the next day, and they wanted to be well-rested for the journey ahead.

The next morning, the troop set out on a long hike through the park's rugged terrain, crossing streams and climbing steep hills. It was a challenging journey, but the scouts persevered, buoyed by the knowledge that they were in it together.

As the sun began to set, the troop returned to their campsite, tired but proud of their accomplishment. Each patrol prepared their meals, cleaned up their stations before gathering around the campfire for some well-deserved rest.

The evening was capped off with the Order of the Arrow callout ceremony, where several members were recognized for their exceptional leadership and dedication to the troop. The scouts cheered and congratulated their fellow members, proud to be part of such an accomplished group.

As the night wore on, the scouts exchanged stories and shared laughs, cherishing the memories they had made together. They knew that the trip had brought them closer as a group and left them with experiences that they would never forget.

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Troop 1396 Welcomes Arrow of Light Scouts

The crossover season has begun! Troop 1396 welcomes new scouts from Packs 295, 1364, 108 & 1365.

James E. West Fellowship Award

On the evening of November 30, 2021, Mr. Dan Chartier and Mr. Doug Henry were honored with the James E. West Fellowship Award. Congratulations!

Eagle Court of Honor

Liam Henry (#96), Christiano de Lugo (#102), and Erik Knudson (#103) celebrated their Eagle Scout achievements at the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

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Nicholas Malich Eagle Court of Honor

Nicholas Malich celebrated earning his Eagle Scout Rank at his Court of Honor on September 12, 2021, at the site of his Eagle Scout project, Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manassas, Virginia. Congratulations to new Eagle Scout Nicholas (#100)! 

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Eagle Court of Honor

Nicholas Morgan, Caleb Morgan, and James Paul celebrated earning their Eagle Scout Rank at their Court of Honor in July 2021 at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Congratulations to new Eagle Scouts Nicholas (#97), Caleb (#101), and James (#99)! 

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June Court of Honor

The Troop held a Court of Honor in the St. Matthews parking lot in June. The was the first one in over a year due to COVID-19. Congratulations to all the scouts as we finally got a chance to honor their achievements.

Luke Ruhl's Eagle Project

Luke's project was Constructing and Installing 5 Monofilament Recycling Containers at Widewater State Park in Stafford Virginia. Luke directed the effort to create recycle bins for anglers and boaters to safely dispose of their monofilament (fishing) line and keep it from getting into our waterways where it can foul boat props and injure or kill wildlife.  

Awesome job Luke!

In person Scout meetings have finally resumed! 

Troop 1396 met in person for the first time since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Scouts gathered outside in the parking lot of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church. The Scouts followed CDC & BSA recommendations by wearing masks and social distancing.

New Troop Gear Storage Container

After many years of discussion and planning, Troop 1396 finally has a new shipping container to store its gear. The new container replaces the old wooden shed that has served the troop for many years.

Thanks to Michael Mishler for leading this effort and all others who helped make this a reality!

Liam Henry's Eagle Project - July 2020

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Playground

Congratulations to Liam for successfully completing his Eagle project!

Liam's Eagle Scout Project consisted of installing a boat and a slide at the playground and planting shade plants.

I'm sure the kids are going to love this Liam. Well done!

Liam's Eagle Project Photo Album

Nicholas Morgan Eagle Project - July 2020

Congratulations to Nico for successfully completing his Eagle project!

Nico's project was to restore the bench and garden area benefitting the  Alternative Paths Training School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Thanks to all the scouts & Scouters who came out to support this project.

Great job Nico!!!!

Nico's Eagle Project Photo Album

Jaden Todd's Eagle Project - February 2020

First Aid Drive for the Homeless

Jaden's Eagle Scout Project consisted of collecting First Aid supplies and leading a team in creating First Aid bags for the Homeless on behalf of Streetlight Ministries

Jaden's Eagle Project Photo Album

Horseshoe Scout Reservation - February 2020

Troop 1396 participated in their annual winter cabin camping outing at Camp Horseshoe Scout Reservation. 

The troop relaxed in the comfort of wood stove heated cabins by night while enjoying the great outdoors during the day. The main event was the dutch oven cooking competition won by the Nuclear Llama's Patrol which presented a dish of Beef Stroganoff with homemade noodles! 

The troop worked up a strong appetite earlier in the day with a 5-mile hike around the reservation.

Camp Horseshoe Scout Reservation Photo Album

Scout Sunday

Troop 1396 was well represented at local Scout Sunday services on February 9, 2020

St Matthew's Lutheran Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Prince William District Winter Camporee - January 2020

Troop 1396 participated in the 2020 Prince William District Winter Camporee at Camp William B. Snyder. The theme of the Winter Camporee was “Outer Space.” All games and activities were based on that theme which also included a few scouting skills, STEM activities and just plain fun for everyone to enjoy! 

Winter Camporee Photo Album

eJamboree - January 2020

Troop 1396 held their annual e-Jamboree at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church on January 10, 2020. 

The Troop welcomed over 15 Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts to an evening of video gaming and learning about our troop.

Our scouts used electronic media (video games) to simulate merit badges youth can earn as Boy Scouts. Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts competed to complete skills and answer questions related to merit badges.

eJamboree Photo Album

Gunpowder Falls - November 2019

Troop 1396 traveled to Camp Cone at Gunpowder Falls State Park, MD. The theme was "Haunted Campout".

The Scouts worked on rank requirements and cold weather camping skills. The highlight was a 6.3-mile hike on the Sweathouse Trail. 

Scouts also worked on their land navigation skills

Gunpowder Falls Photo Album

Camp Rock Enon - October 2019

Troop 1396 participated in the Prince William District Camporee at Camp Rock Enon in Gore Virginia – the theme was Pioneer Days. 

Scouts enjoyed the experience, history, and tradition of the Appalachian Pioneer.  The scouts tested their pioneer skills by accepting the challenge of the Pioneer Experience! This challenge included Scout skills, marksmanship, tomahawk, knots, slingshots, gadgets, cooking skills, and much more!

Camp Rock Enon Photo Album

Survival Island - September 2019

Troop 1396 traveled to Elm Island on the Potomac River for their annual Survival Island campout. This year's theme was "Hunger Games".

Scouts leveraged their wilderness survival skills by building their own lean-to-shelters, getting their own water through various water purification methods,  fire-building and cooking.

Survival Island Photo Album

Zachary's Eagle Project

Zachary Malich held his Eagle Scout Project on August 31, 2019. Zachary's project was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Mananass, Virginia. The project focused on the renovation of the church tool shed, the clothing donation bin, clothing shelter, and general cleanup.

Zachary's Eagle Project Photo Album