Troop 1396

Lake Ridge, Virginia

BSA Portal

Welcome to the Troop 1396 BSA portal, home of all the resources and tools you need for training, advancement tracking, reporting, account information, BSA news and much more! - a portal for adults and leaders providing access to account data, online training and more. It is run by the national Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization, separate from local councils. If you need help navigating the tool, there is a help link to assist you and pass along any recommendations for improvement.

Scoutbook is a cloud-based "Advancement Book" connecting Scouts, leaders and providing access to the latest BSA news, videos and more.

Internet Advancement is an online portal for reporting ranks, awards, and activity badges for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Sea Scouts. 

TroopMaster Web is a legacy system for Troop 1396, as the BSA has decided to link Scoutbook to My.scouting. Troop 1396 chose to migrate to Scoutbook, despite its growing pains, as it's the system being fully embraced by BSA for the future. Previously, all records for Troop 1396 were in TroopMaster and had to be migrated to Scoutbook.