Summer Camp 2014

T Brady Saunders, Maidens, VA
Dates: June 22 - 28
Campmaster: Erik Kasiski
Scout's Name, T1396, Week 2
Camp T Brady Saunders
1723 Maidens Road
Maidens, VA 23102

Consider mailing your son a surprise "care package" consisting of snacks. Always a huge hit. Prepare in advance and mail by Monday.  Don't include in letter anything that will cause homesickness. Leave out "we miss you" "sorry you couldn't be with us in the Bahamas because of camp" etc.



  • Parents, Medical forms must be complete and current for your son(s) and attending adults to attend summer camp.  What does this mean?
    •  The only acceptable Medical Form versions are: Bilingual Rev 9/12 or   Rev 2014.  From our troop website, Documents and Forms, click on link BSA site, find Annual Health Form, download, Parts A, B, and C must be filled out and signed (ensure your physician signs Part C}

  • Medical Forms dated 1 June 2013 and newer are considered current for Summer Camp 2014 (if in acceptable version}.
  • Copies of insurance card must also be provided.

Troop 1396 Webmaster,
Jun 3, 2014, 2:49 PM
Troop 1396 Webmaster,
Jun 3, 2014, 2:50 PM