Au Sable River

a 100 mile paddling trek across Northern Michigan wilderness


Sportsman slow your pace… ahead lies the fabled land of the Au Sable.

Here, generations of fisherman have cast a fly on one of the great trout streams of America. 

Hunters too, have roamed these hills in the solitude so bountifully offered. 

The land is rich in tradition and stands ready to renew your soul.

Tread lightly as you pass and leave no mark....


Group Email:


Jonah Clark (K)
 Tsunami 120
Luke Resko (C)
 Old Town Guide 147
Scott Schwoppe (K)
 Tsunami 125
Stanley Sequeira (K)
 Tsunami 125

Big Browns:

Ed Baron (K)
 Tsunami 125
Stephen Resko (C)
 Old Town Guide 147
Andrew Sapien (K)
 Tsunami 135
Max Schwoppe (K)
 Tsunami 145


Matt Clark (K)
 Prijon Calabria 14
Jeff Resko (K)
 Tsunami 140
Gus Sapien (K)
 Tsunami 140
Kurt Schwoppe (K)
 Tsunami 145
Neri Sequeira (K)
 Tsunami 125

Boat Tally:

1 Canoe (C)
11 Kayaks (K)

The Adventure

This summer’s high adventure will be a 100+ mile canoe/kayak trip down the historic Au Sable River in Michigan, camping at primitive river campsites along the way.  The Au Sable is a gentle river with a good continuous current that mostly flows through the Huron National Forest.   Once used as a birch-bark canoe waterway by Native Americans, and as a fur-trading and logging route, today it is popular with recreational canoeists and trout fishermen, yet still offers a quiet and scenic wilderness experience.  The section from Mio to Alcona is designated a National Wild and Scenic River.  The South Branch Au Sable where our trek will start passes through the Mason Tract preserve area.

Our plan is to depart Woodbridge on Saturday, August 1st and return on Monday, August 10th.  Unlike last year's Maine High Adventure, we plan to completely outfit the entire trip ourselves to include boats, gear and food.  This will keep the cost down as well as increase our trekking skills and self-reliance.

The Itinerary

Schedule of key events:

Jul 12 – Violette's Lock (Paddling/Loading/Portage Practice)
Jul 14 – Menu Planning
Jul 19 – Occoquan (Full Dress Rehearsal)
Jul 21 – Permission Slips & Medicals Due
Jul 30  (Thursday) – Equipment Load Out
Aug 1 (Saturday) 06:30  – Depart for Michigan
Aug 1 (Saturday) 19:00 – Arrive at Base Camp
Aug 2 (Sunday) – Prep Day at Base Camp
Aug 3 (Monday) 07:00  – Depart for Au Sable River
Aug 3 (Monday) 11:00 – Arrive at Start Point
Aug 3 (Monday) 12:00  – Start Paddling (see Float Plan below)
Aug 8 (Saturday) 16:00 – Finish Paddling – Return to Base Camp
Aug 9 (Sunday) All Day – Spill over / Recovery Day
Aug 10 (Monday) 08:30 – Depart for Home
Aug 10 (Monday) 21:00 – Return Home

The Float Plan

Google Earth Map

Day 1 – August 3, Monday

PUT-IN:  Chase Bridge on South Branch Au Sable, Roscommon
Chase Bridge to Canoe Harbor Campground 10.0 Fast

Monday Night at Canoe Harbor Camp

Day 2 – August 4, Tuesday

Canoe Harbor to M72 0.2 / Fast
M72 to South Fork Junction 5.5 / Med
South Fork Junction to McMasters Bridge 5.0 / Med
McMaster’s Bridge to Parmalee Campground 7.8 / Med
18.5 / 28.5

Tuesday Night at Parmalee Campground

Day 3 – August 5, Wednesday

Parmalee Campground to Parmalee Bridge 1.25 / Med
Parmalee Bridge to Luzrene County Park 1.75 / Fast
Luzrene County Park to Camp 10 Bridge 7.25 / Med
Camp 10 Bridge to Mio Dam (Portage) 3.00 / Flat
Mio Dam to Comins Flat 7.25 / Fast
Comins Flat to Cathedral Pines 3.00 / Fast
20.50 / 49

Wednesday Night at Cathedral Pines

Day 4 – August 6, Thursday

Cathedral Pines to McKinley Landing (Evans Rd Bridge) 4.5 / Fast
McKinley Landing to 4001 Bridge 7.5 / Fast
4001 Bridge to Alcona Dam (Portage) 4.5 / Med
Alcona Dam to Campsite 013C/014C 5.0 / Fast
(Option to Spend Night)
Campsite 013C/014C to Campsite 019C/020C 5.5 / Fast
27.0 / 76

Thursday Night at Campsite 019C/020C

Day 5 – August 7, Friday

Campsite 020C to Loud Dam (Portage) 6.5 / Med
Loud Dam to 5 Channels Dam (Portage) 2.75 / Flat
5 Channels Dam to Cooke Dam (Portage) 6.25 / Flat
Cooke Dam to Campsites 084C/079W 1.0 / Med
13.5 / 89.5

Friday Night at Campsite 084C/079W

Day 6 – August 8, Saturday

Campsite 084C/079W to Foote Dam (Portage) 8.0 Flat
Foote Dam to Lake Huron 12.0 Med
20.0 / 109
TAKE-OUT:  Mill St Bridge, Oscoda

Lake Huron – DONE Total 109.5


Google Earth Map

GPS Waypoints

Menu Ideas

Personal Gear List

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